Thanks to the offshore reef, perfect flat water and waves in one and the same place

Kitesurfing in Paracuru

The wave spot Quebra Mar, located east of Paracuru, is considered one of the best wave spots in this region. Here, a reef about 330 yd in the sea breaks the waves. Unless there is a large tidal range, you can kite over the reef almost everywhere without hesitation at medium water levels. Depending on the swell, you can expect waves over 8.2 ft high. This is not necessarily higher than in the neighboring Taiba, but the wave set comes in much cleaner.

Paracuru kite spot
The kitespot of Paracuru is an Eldorado for water sports enthusiasts

But Quebra Mar can also convince at low tide. Protected by the reef, an long lagoon (approx. 220 yd) with a mirror-smooth surface is created. At low tide, shallow water lovers and freestylers have around 4 hours before more water comes over the reef again. However, if the spot is full at this time, you can alternatively drive 1.9 mi upwind to a spot wich is called Catavento.

West of Paracuru you will find another first class kite spot. In the estuary of the Rio Curu. Dry at low tide, but at high tide a wonderful playground for shallow water kiteboarding. This spot is also often the starting point for a kitesurf downwinder to neighboring Lagoinha. This section is particularly appreciated by wave kiters.

A small disadvantage in Paracuru is the fact that there is no accommodation directly at the spot. To get there you have to reckon with a 5-15 minute drive depending on where the accommodation is in Paracuru. You can start and land your kite at both spots on a fine sandy beach. There are no obstacles on the beach.

Spot and wind conditions

As with most spots in this area, the wind here comes mainly slightly side-onshore from the right. The best wind months are from late July to late December. In the months from September to November you can expect the strongest winds. The highest waves can be expected from October to December.

Quebra Mar

Quebra Mar kite spot
3.7 mi outside of Paracuru is the exceptional kitespot Quebra Mar

An asphalt road with countless potholes leads from Paracuru through the dunes to Quebra Mar, which translated means breakwater. In addition to the potholes, the local road service also has to deal with sand drifts. Although there is no accommodation directly on the kite beach, this spot attracts many kite surfers year after year. And for a good reason. Quebra Mar near Paracuru is considered to be one of the best wave spots in northeast Brazil.

Road from Paracuru to Quebra Mar
The road from Paracuru to Quebra Mar is a colorful ride to say the least, as it has many potholes and obstacles along the way

At low tide the offshore reef, which surrounds the spot almost from all sides, breaks all waves. A flat water lagoon about 220 yd long forms behind the reef. And it is precisely this reef that makes this place such a special universal spot. Depending on the tides, you have perfect flat water and wave conditions in the same place.

Remote kite spot Quebra Mar
The infrastructure at the somewhat remote Quebra Mar kite spot is very good

As soon as the sea gets higher and higher above the reef, which is about 330 yd away from the beach, the other side of this kite spot shows up. Then an (by Brazilian standards) excellent reef break occurs. The waves break on the reef and reach a height of over 8.2 ft with a good swell. Quite a few claim that this is the best wave in Ceara. At high tide, the reef is a good 6.5 ft under water in most places. However, then the waves are no longer that high. Instead, you will have a nice beach break which is also fun to kite. For wave lovers, a detour to Paracuru is a must.

Preparation for wingsurfing
Wing surfer in Quebra Mar during the dry run

In the Barraca of the same name there is everything a kiter’s heart needs besides wind and water. Delicious food (menu is even available in English) and cold drinks in the shade. Shower and toilets, even some shady places for the car. The on-site kite station offers training for beginners and advanced riders. In addition, you can rent material or store your own in the guarded storage. There is a small store, kite-repair and (which is rather the exception in Brazil) a compressor to inflate the kite.

Wave kiter and wingfoiler in Paracuru
There are an increasing amount of wingfoilers populating the area, but the majority of water enthusiasts are strapless wave kiters

Rio Curu

At the western end of Paracuru is Praia Barra do Rio Curu beach. You can park your car nearby and walk the remaining 110 yd to the beach. There is more than plenty of free space on the wide sandy beach as well in the water. About 880 yards downwind the river Rio Curu flows into the sea.

At low tide, the whole area is dry with the exception of the small stream. On the other hand, at high tide, a huge flat water playground is created. Wie weit man ins Landesinnere Kitesurfen kann, hängt von der Windrichtung ab. Je mehr onshore die Windrichtung, umso sauberer die Bedingungen. With sideshore it will soon be gusty due to the trees in the windward direction. In the river mouth you have nice flat water, while it can get a bit choppy at the sea.

This spot as well as the beach is wild and natural. There is no infrastructure here. That means no barraca, no toilets and also no shady places. This place is never crowded. It may well be that you are completely alone on the water.


This fairly large flat water spot in the sea is best at low tide. It is located 1.9 miles upwind from Quebramar on the beach. Getting into the water in Catavento (pinwheel) is very easy as there are no waves breaking on the beach. The spot is a good alternative if Quebramar is crowded at low tide.


All spots near Paracuru are tide dependent. Two hours before and after low tide you have mirror-smooth water in Quebra Mar. At the same time you will find mostly waist-deep flat water in Catavento. To be able to kite in the mouth of the Rio Curu, it has to be high tide. Excellent waves arise in Quebra Mar around high tide.

Dangers zones

During spring tides you should be careful in Quebra Mar when it is low tide. Because then the reef that surrounds the spot comes to the surface in several places. If the water level is higher, pay attention to the fishermen’s sticks. They are located about 440 yards downwind of the Barraca.

With one exception, the spot at the Rio Curu is free of reefs and rocks. Only if you kite quite far inland, there are some bigger rocks in the middle.

Kitesurf Downwinder

From the western kite spot Rio Curu, the approx. 8 mi long downwinder to Lagoinha is an unforgettable experience for wave riders, especially at high tide. About 3.7 miles after the starting point you will encounter fantastic shore break at Praia de Capim Açú beach. At the point where the beach curves to the left, you have to be careful because there are some rocks in the water. But until then there is only beautiful light sand.

Alternatively, you can first get a ride to Taiba to do a downwinder past the Secret Spot and Catavento to Quebra Mar. The length of this downwinder is 8 to 9.3 miles, depending on where you go into the water. Before reaching the destination, it is important to watch out for reef plates, especially when the water level is low.

Spot overview

Paracuru location description

The municipality of Paracuru has about 35,000 inhabitants. Over 21,000 of them live in the city of the same name alone. This makes Paracuru by far the most populous city on the coast in this area. Since the place is neither dependent on tourism nor overcrowded by tourists, you can get to experience the authentic Brazilian life here.

Main square in Paracuru
The main square in Paracuru with a view of the lighthouse

The name Paracuru comes from the Tupi language and means lizard sea. There are several restaurants and bars with live music, many shops, several pharmacies, ATMs and even a hospital for emergencies. Life takes place around the village square. There is a lot going on here evening after evening.

Lighthouse in Paracuru
At the beach of Paracuru stands a very beautiful lighthouse


Paracuru can be reached in just 90 minutes from Pinto Martins International Airport in Fortaleza. This route is only 56 miles long. The major part of the route is covered on the main road CE-085. A trip to the upwind Taiba, which is southeast, takes about 45 minutes. The next place downwind is called Lagoinha and is 35 minutes away by car.

Popular photo opportunity in Paracuru
A popular photo opportunity for Brazilian guests – We love Paracuru

Accommodation and restaurants

The costs for accommodations in Paracuru are in the ‘cheap’ to ‘average’ range. If you don’t have too high demands, you will find some very cheap pousadas here. There are no extremely high-priced or luxurious accommodations here. Overall you have a large selection and you get a room if you book a little later. Unfortunately there is no accommodation directly at the Quebra Mar kite spot. However, the next hotel is only 5 minutes away by car.

The restaurants mainly offer good Brazilian cuisine. Seafood like shrimp, clams, crayfish and even lobster are on the agenda. But don’t worry, international cuisine is also represented. Of course there are also Italian as well as French restaurants. You can also get burgers and sushi. So there should be something for everyone. You can eat very well and cheaply in the restaurants, which look simple from the outside. Don’t be fooled by cheap plastic chairs and cold light energy-saving lamps 😉

Additional Activities

In addition to sandboarding, you can also go hiking in the surrounding dunes. But, do you really want to hike through dunes when there is a great wind for kitesurfing every day? The area can be explored either on horseback or on an ATV. In the sea you can fish on a boat or cruise the nearby rivers with a rental canoe.

Kite spot Paracuru
The Quebra Mar kite spot is guaranteed to make every kiter's heart beat faster. The only downer is, that there is no accommodation directly at the spot. For this you have a good infrastructure on site. There are enough inexpensive accommodations and restaurants in Paracuru.
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