Iron Divas Kite Event 2021

The kite event for kite enthusiastic women

Iron Divas is a kite event especially for women and will take place for the 3rd time in 2021 Due to the great success in 2020, the event was extended for several days this year. The kitesurf downwinder for all girls who love kitesurfing lasts a total of 6 days in 2021. This year the Iron Divas kitesurfing event starts on August 5th in the legendary Jericoacoara and ends on August 10th with a boat trip to the mouth of the Rio Parnaíba. With your kite equipment, of course, to go kitesurfing on pristine beaches in the Delta do Parnaíba.

Smiling participants in the Iron Divas kite event
The kite girls are really looking forward to the upcoming kite event

On the first two days the focus is clearly on downwind kitesurfing. After all, we cover the distance from Jericoacoara to Barra Grande in just two days. The distance on the water is an impressive 70 miles. Then follows a day break with an overnight stay at the luxurious Pousada BGK in Barra Grande before the kite adventure continues.
This is followed by the second section from Barra Grande to Delta das Américas. Now the daily distances are much shorter and so we have more time to stay longer at the best spots along the way. On the last day, a boat trip to the mouth of the Rio Parnaíba is the highlight of the program. The natural and pristine beaches of the Delta do Parnaíba are guaranteed to provide a kitesurfing experience you will never forget.

Kite surfers on the beach before the start
The support vehicles are always close by

Of course, you and the other Iron Divas will be accompanied on land and on water. Our professional team ensures your safety as well as comfort. The kite guides on the water are in contact with the drivers of the off-road vehicles via radio. At least one of the drivers is equipped with a GPS phone. In the Delta das Américas we have a boat at our disposal all day.

Support vehicle on the beach at the Iron Divas kite event
An escort vehicle transports food for breaks on the beach

Iron Divas kitesurf event 2021: Dates

05. Aug.Jericoacoara – Tatajuba31 mi
06. Aug.Maceio – Barra Grande37 mi
07. Aug.Day off
08. Aug.Barra Grande – Praia do Itaqui13 mi
09. Aug.Praia do Itaqui – Delta10 mi
10. Aug.Delta do Parnaíba
Kite surfers on the beach in Brazil
7 to 9 m2 is probably the most common kite size at the Iron Divas kite event

At the Iron Divas kite event, you will get to know breathtaking beaches, which are rich in Brazil’s natural beauty. Palm-fringed sandy beaches, estuaries and lagoons in which the setting sun is reflected. A dreamlike and partly untouched nature, as you can only find it on the coast of Brazil. A dreamlike and partly untouched nature, as you can only find it on the coast of Brazil.

Kitesurfers take a little break on the beach
The mood is good and a little break comes just in time

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