Kitesurfing in Icaraizinho


Kitesurfing in excellent and moderate waves

Kitesurfing in Icaraizinho

You probably won’t find the name Icaraizinho on the map, since the place is actually called Icarai de Amontada. But everyone calls the fishing village either Icarai or lovingly Icaraizinho for the sake of simplicity.
The neighboring kite spots are all downwind. Just past the bay of Icaraizinho is Moitas immediately followed by Patos. To the famous shallow water spot Ilha do Guajiru, the distance on the water is about 22 mi.

Bay of Icaraizinho
View from the sea to the southeast end of the bay of Icaraizinho

The kite spot Icaraizinho is not necessarily the first choice for absolute kitesurfing beginners. There are courses for beginners in a small bay 3.1 mi away, but you have to forego the advantages of a shallow area. However, advanced kitesurfers or those who want to dare their first maneuvers in the wave will be thrilled.

Spot and wind conditions

If you like, you can more or less divide the kitespot Icarai de Amontada into three areas.
The eastern end of the bay near the reef. Advanced kitesurfers can enjoy up to 2 hours before from 2 hours after low tide an awesome wave spot. Directional riders and especially windsurfers will have to wait an additional hour.

The western end of the bay, where the last accommodations on the beach are located. Here you can expect endless free space on the water, a wide, gently sloping beach and no rocks far and wide. At low tide the sea is mostly flat, but as the tide comes in, the water becomes increasingly choppy.
Since the beach in the eastern area is lined with numerous tall palm trees that cover the wind, it is not recommended to kite between the two spots in close proximity to the beach. A few hundred yards out to sea, the wind again blows cleanly and constantly, of course.

Another 2.2 mi downwind after the last hut on the beach, so just after the northernmost wind turbine is the small bay called Ponta. The sea is very calm in this place and this is where the training courses for beginners are held.

Wave spot eastern bay

At low tide, excellent flat water spots are created between the reef that is drying out, but they are limited in space. A channel about 50 yards wide in the reef makes it possible to kite out into the sea even at absolute low tide.

Opening in the reef
Through this opening in the reef you can safely kite out even at low tide

The spot shows its best side at high tide, when the point breaks are under water and the lines run cleanly from the reef into the bay. Then the wave spot in Icaraizinho is appreciated by kitesurfers and windsurfers alike. When the conditions are good, the waves are really long by Brazilian standards and reach a height of 3 – 6 ft.

At half high tide a nice set of waves always forms a little upwind between two fish fences. This includes three waves, which make their way to the beach at the same interval and with enough space in between.

Icaraizinho reef at low tide
The reef to the east of Icaraizinho at low tide. With the arrival of the tide all the rocks disappear into the water

But twintip riders also benefit from the local conditions. The moderate waves come gently to the beach at generous intervals, making them ideal as a kicker for jumping or freestyle tricks.

Even if the wind at the wave spot blows sideshore due to the course of the bank, there is no danger in this regard. The bay closes downwind so that no one can get lost. Should you ever drift off, you will be back on the beach in just a few minutes.

Kite spot western bay

In the west of the bay, approximately where the palm trees stop on the beach, you will also find very good wind conditions again. In the middle of the bay, the land cover on the beach is simply too big and the wind is therefore very gusty.
There is more than enough space in this area on the water as well as on the beach. There is no sign of stones or even reefs. The beach is free of any obstacles and is wide and gently sloping into the sea. The beach break is accordingly small.
At low tide, the water is mostly shallow, but when the tide sets in, it becomes more and more choppy.

Ponta Bay

The local beginner spot is just outside of Icarai. A small bay, in conjunction with a reef plate in front of it, protects the water and ensures that you will find flat water at this point two hours before and after the high tide. However, the standing area here is limited to the immediate vicinity of the shore. Beginners who have mastered body drag will have no problems here. For absolute beginners, the flat water spot in Patos, 6 miles away, is much more suitable.

Flat water spot in Moitas
After the last wind turbine is the small bay of Ponta


The effect of the tides in Icaraizinho varies greatly depending on the area. The wave spot by the reef is clearly the most affected. Up to two hours (twintip) or three hours (directional) before/after low tide you can kite safely over the reef. At low tide, on the other hand, a dry reef reveals itself.

The area in the western bay is practically independent of the tides. At low tide, there are very small waves which run out tamely onto the wide sandy beach. However, at high tide you have to expect more and more increasing chop in this area.

In the Bay of Ponta, you will be largely spared from choppy waters. When the tide reaches its peak, the sea becomes a bit uncomfortable even here. This is why the courses for beginners take place at low tide up to about two hours before high tide.

Dangers zones

At the wave spot it is essential to keep an eye on the water level, otherwise you run the risk of grazing the reef with your fins. In addition, there are two fish fences in the water a little upwind, which mostly stick out of the water even at high tide.

Kitesurf Downwinder

Numerous more or less safe downwinders are possible in this area of the coast. The beach is flat and spacious throughout and the wind blows constantly sideonshore. Apart from the reef in Icaraizinho and a few rocks off Moitas, the seabed is mainly sand. The fish fences are obvious and easily visible even from a distance. Therefore, kitesurf downwinders around Icarai de Amontada are also suitable for downwind beginners. A short downwind tour to the large flat water spot Patos, 6.2 mi away, is a must. Those who dare to cover 22 mi in one day can make an extended kite excursion to Ilha do Guajiru.

Spot overview

Icaraizinho location description

The extensive beach of Icaraizinho is located in a beautiful bay and is lined with tall coconut trees. Fortunately, the fishing village has been able to retain its original charm to this day. Even today, almost half of the residents earn their living from fishing and growing palm trees. Even though the number of accommodations and restaurants in Icarai de Amontada increases slightly year after year, the place has been largely spared from mass tourism. That means rest and relaxation and a touch of nightlife in the evening. The place offers everything a kiter’s heart desires and is neither overcrowded nor does it look artificial. In addition to a pharmacy, the place has a handful of smaller supermarkets, the so-called mercados, as well as a few clothing stores. If you need a (cheap) haircut, you will find it right on the village square.

Sunset on the sea
Sunset in the bay of Icaraizinho


Approximately 125 miles is the distance from the international airport Pinto Martins in the capital Fortaleza. The trip takes less than 2.5 hours. Most of the route runs along the CE-085 main road. If you have covered 110 mi from the airport, take the first exit at the roundabout towards Icarai de Amontada.

Accommodation and restaurants

Icaraizinho offers an excellent infrastructure and the choice of hotels/pousadas and dining establishments as well bars is more than adequate. Whether you are looking for a simple and inexpensive place to stay or you want to enjoy your stay in a luxurious property, you will definitely find it here.

Things don’t get monotonous when it comes to food either. Besides the good Brazilian cuisine, which consists mainly of fish, crabs, shrimp, but also beef and chicken, there is an international selection that is well worth seeing. Among others, there is a genuine Italian from Naples (homemade pasta dishes) and a French restaurant. Pizza and burgers are of course also available. On top of that, you even have the choice between several sushi restaurants. Perfect conditions for a varied dinner

Kite beach in Icaraizinho
Aerial view of the accommodation “The Spot” in Icaraizinho directly on the kite beach
View from the accommodation "The Spot" to the kitespot
View from The Spot Beachfront Sports Pousada to the kitesurf and windsurf spot in Icarai de Amontada
Bar and breakfast area
Bar and breakfast area of The Spot

Additional Activities

The wave spot in Icaraizinho attracts kite surfers as well as windsurfers. The on-site stations offer rental equipment for both water sports. Surfing at the wavespot is also possible. Alternatively, you can go sandboarding in the area, go on a buggy tour, take a trip to the neighboring freshwater lagoon or go horseback riding.

Kitesurfing in Icaraizinho
Kite spot Icaraizinho
The highlight for kitesurfers in Icaraizinho or Icarai de Amontada is certainly the wave spot on the reef with its point breaks. Flat water can only be found at low tide and beginners have to get along without waist deep water in the bay. The choice of accommodations and restaurants is excellent.
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