Kitesurfing downwind in Brazil

Kitesurf Downwinder in Brazil

Downwinder explained in detail

Kitesurf downwinder – what is that?

A multi-day kitesurf downwinder in Brazil is what many kite surfers have always dreamed of. Just get into the water and don’t worry about riding upwind. Simply leave the crowded hotspots behind and enjoy hundreds of miles of kitesurfing in complete freedom. Get to know the best kite spots in Brazil on the tour and enjoy the sight of untouched nature and palm-fringed sandy beaches.

A downwind safari in a group is fun and you learn a lot
On a kitesurf downwinder you are only with your group and a couple of our kite guides

Discover deserted, wild and pristine beaches, some of which are only accessible by kite or boat. Diverse flora and fauna far away from civilization and kitesurf beside turtles and dolphins.

Best wind conditions for kiting
Deserted beaches despite best wind conditions for kitesurfing

The way there is the journey itself, because you cover the distance with the kite on the water. Our experienced team will not only accompany you on the water, but also with 4×4 off-road vehicles on the beach. Thanks to the diverse and first-class conditions for kitesurfing, all kitesurfers get their money’s worth. From dream spots with mirror-smooth flat water to perfect waves and all this under laboratory wind conditions.

Brazil offers endless free space for kitesurfing
Discover endless free space for kitesurfing on a downwinder in Brazil

What kite level do I need for a Brazilian downwinder?

First of all: a kitesurf downwinder is not suitable for absolute beginners!
You should already have experience with kitesurfing in the open sea and with light waves. Depending on the spot and conditions, the waves in the northeast of Brazil reach a height of approximately 1.6 to 8.2 feet. You have to be able to relaunch the kite out of the water, master the body drag upwind and have self-rescue in your repertoire.

Kitesurfers like to talk with hands and feet when it comes to kiting
A downwind kitesafari is only suitable for advanced kitesurfers

Since we cover a distance of about 31 to 56 miles daily with the kite, a basic fitness is essential. Of course, participants of the downwind kitesurf event can continue their journey with the support vehicle at any time if desired.

Support vehicles ready for departure
We are accompanied by several 4×4 pick-ups on the beach

If your foot position is regular (left foot in front), you should be able to ride Switch or Toeside well, because the wind comes mainly (side-onshore) from the right.

What about safety on the water?

So that the dream of the kitesurf downwinder doesn’t turn into a nightmare, we attach great importance to your safety! Every morning after breakfast there is a short briefing on the upcoming section of the route. This will point out special features and possible dangers like reefs.

Route briefing for the kite tour
After breakfast, the daily route briefing will take place

The group is accompanied by several kite guides on the water. On the beach we are followed by 4×4 pickups, which are in radio contact with the guides. At least one of the drivers has a satellite phone. In case of emergency, a jet ski is available for the recovery of men or material. Our team also includes a trained paramedic. On sections of the route where it is not possible to be accompanied by a vehicle on the beach, such as in the Parnaiba Delta, a boat is used instead. Since the wind always blows onshore at an angle, a possible rescue is completely harmless and done in no time.

Jet ski rescue kitesurfer in water
In the event of an emergency, a jet ski is available for rescue

We want you to enjoy the kitesurf downwinder carefree and that your attention is solely dedicated to kitesurfing. JUST KITE – we take care of the rest!

What kitesurf equipment do I need?

Your equipment should be in good condition. A second bar or suitable replacement lines are recommended. Note that footstraps can tear too. We have some spare material with us, but cannot guarantee that it is compatible with your kitesurf equipment.

The kitesurf equipment is sorted
Up to 2 boards and 4 kites per person is no problem at all

The size of the kites you need for a downwinder in Brazil depends on your body weight. A change of the kite is also possible at any time on the go. Depending on your body weight, three kites would be ideal for a downwind kite safari in Brazil.

Wind strengthKite size
Strong6 m2
Average8 m2
Light10 m2
Recommended kite sizes in Brazil for a body weight of 130 lb
Wind strengthKite size
Strong8 m2
Average10 m2
Light12 m2
Recommended kite sizes in Brazil for a body weight of 180 lb
Wind strengthKite size
Strong10 m2
Average12 m2
Light14 m2
Recommended kite sizes in Brazil for a body weight of 220 lb
Wind strengthKite size
Strong6 m2
Average8 m2
Light10 m2
Recommended kite sizes in Brazil for a body weight of 130 lb
Wind strengthKite size
Strong8 m2
Average10 m2
Light12 m2
Recommended kite sizes in Brazil for a body weight of 180 lb
Wind strengthKite size
Strong10 m2
Average12 m2
Light14 m2
Recommended kite sizes in Brazil for a body weight of 220 lb

Whether you take a Twintip or a Waveboard with you depends on your personal preference. If you can’t decide, just take them both with you! It is possible to bring two boards and up to four kites per person.

Directional or bidirectional board is a matter of taste
You are spoiled for choice – a change of board or kite is possible at any time

With a water temperature of 82°F, the wetsuit can definitely stay at home. In addition, you will get a long-sleeved lycra from us as a gift at the start. Neoprene shoes are also not needed because there are no spiny shells and hardly any reefs. There are enough kite pumps available. However, if your kite has an unusual valve, take the appropriate pump adapter with you to be on the safe side.

For very long kitesurf tours we recommend:

  • Waterproof sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Water Hats
  • Gloves
  • Hydration pack

Which kitesurf downwinders do you offer?

Our program ranges from several 3-day introductory tours to a 24-day downwinder for hardcore kitesurfers – the so-called Iron Macho Kitesurf Downwinder. At this kiteboarding downwind event, no less than 930 miles will be covered on the water. That makes the Iron Macho by far the longest kitesurf downwinder in the world!

The longest kitesurf downwinder in the world
The Iron Macho kite trip in 2021 will cover a total of 930 miles on the water

Our Iron Divas Kitesurf Event is aimed specifically at kitesurfing women. This Kitesurf Downwinder is aimed exclusively at female kitesurfing enthusiasts.

Overview of our Kitesurf Downwinders in Brazil

Iron Divas: Kitesurf Downwinder for women only

What is included when booking a kitesurf downwinder?

  • Accommodation will be reserved for you by the kitesurfing-organizer
  • Delicious and exotic breakfast
  • Kitesurfing accompanied by professional guides
  • Support vehicle or motorboat
  • If necessary, rescue with jet ski
  • Water, juice, fruits and snacks during breaks at the beach
  • Long sleeve lycra of the event
First class accommodation in Brazil
The accommodations on the kite downwinder are also impressive
Fresh fruit for breakfast
Exotic breakfast with lots of fresh fruit

What additional costs do I have to expect?

  • Flight and accommodation costs
  • Airport transfer
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Kitesurf Downwinder FAQ

What is a kitesurf downwinder?

During a kitesurf downwinder, you cover the distance from spot-to-spot with the kite on the water. You’re stepping on dry ground only to eat and sleep 😉

What level of kitesurfing is required?

In any case, you have to be able to ride switch and also master the body drag upwind. It is also required that you can handle waves quite well and launch the kite quickly out of the water. Knowledge of self-rescue with a kite is an advantage.

What safety precautions are there?

Our experienced team will accompany you on your kitesurf downwinder. The kite guides on the water are in radio contact with the drivers of the off-road vehicles on the beach. There is a paramedic on the team and a jet ski is available in an emergency.

What about reefs and other danger zones in the water?

The route briefing takes place every morning after breakfast. Any danger zones are of course addressed. In the sea itself, the reef is once again pointed out in time.

How many miles are covered every day?

Plenty! Depending on the section of the route, 12 to 56 miles.

What if I can’t make the distance or can’t keep up with the pace?

Every participant is free to ride in one of the support vehicles on the beach at any time.

What about the food during the kitesurf downwinder?

In the morning and in the afternoon there will be a break at the beach. This catering, which consists of water, juices, fruits and snacks, is included in the tour price. Lunch in the beach restaurants is to be paid by yourself. Except for the all-inclusive kitesurf downwinders. Lunch is included on these tours.

What kite sizes do I need for a kitesurf downwinder in Brazil?

You need at least two, better still three, kites.
Depending on your body weight, we recommend:
130 lbs: 6 – 10 m2 | 180 lbs: 8 – 12 m2 | 220 lbs: 10 – 14 m2

Do I have to take my kite pump with me?

No, you do not have to. However, to be on the safe side, take the adapter for your valve with you, if you have rather uncommon inflation valves.

Twin Tip or Directional – which board for a kitesurf downwinder?

Which you prefer. However, you should definitely master your board.
If you want, you can also take both boards with you – there is enough space!

Which accessoires should I take with me?

A waterproof sun blocker is absolutely necessary. We also recommend a surf hat, water sports sunglasses and, if necessary, gloves. Real downwind pros even take a hydration pack with them.

When is the best time to go kitesurfing in Brazil?

The best time to go kitesurfing in Brazil is from the end of July to mid-January. The high season is October and November.

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