Information about kitesurfing in Brazil

Everything you need to know about kitesurfing in Brazil


Kitesurfing in Brazil

10 reasons why it rocks!

Kiteboarding in Brazil: 10 good reasons Kitesurfing in Brazil means kitesurfing at one of the best kite locations in the world. It’s not for nothing that Brazil is considered the “Promised Land” among kitesurfers. Most of those who have already been kitesurfing in Brazil, always return for more. And for...
Kitesurfing downwind in Brazil

Kitesurf Downwinder in Brazil

Downwinder explained in detail

Kitesurf downwinder – what is that? A multi-day kitesurf downwinder in Brazil is what many kite surfers have always dreamed of. Just get into the water and don’t worry about riding upwind. Simply leave the crowded hotspots behind and enjoy hundreds of miles of kitesurfing in complete freedom. Get to...
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