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Kitesurfing in Lagoinha

The famous red dunes of Lagoinha characterize the landscape in this area. Unfortunately, the same is currently still disfigured by a huge, never finished hotel opposite the bay. After more than 10 years of standstill, the construction ruin is finally to be completed in the next few years. Hard Rock International 🤘 makes it possible.

It is not recommended to kite directly in the bay. On the one hand, there are quite a few almost exclusively Brazilian bathers and on the other hand, the wind conditions are not particularly good. If the wind comes from the main wind direction (side-onshore from the right), the wind in the bay is gusty due to the red sand dune. However, if you kite a few hundred yards downwind, the conditions are much better.

The red dune in Lagoinha
The bay of Lagoinha with the famous red dune in the background

On the beach there are a handful of accommodations, which are almost invariably occupied by the bathers already mentioned. Most kitesurfers stay in a pousada right in town, which is a 10-minute walk away. A good 40 to 50 meters of altitude lie between the sea and the town center.

Kitesurfers who set up their quarters in Lagoinha spend most of their time at Lagoa dos Jegues, 1.9 miles downwind, or better known as Donkey Kite Lagoon. This shallow lagoon is ideal for beginners as well as flat water lovers. To get back, you need a ride. Be it with your own rental car or with a buggy from the pousada.

The wide beach of Lagoinha
View of the wide beach at Lagoinha at low tide towards Donkey Kite Lagoon

Wave kiters will be happy at Praia de Capim Açú which is located 4.3 mi upwind. Here, long waves are created, which can reach a height of almost 6.5 ft. The waves run gently on the rock-free sandy beach without a major shore break.

Spot and wind conditions

The constant wind conditions are no exception in Lagoinha and can be summarized as follows. The wind is mainly slightly side-onshore from the right. It blows almost daily from the end of July to the end of December. The months with the strongest wind are from September to November. The waves get highest in the period from October to December.

Donkey Kite Lagoon

Donkey Kite Lagoon is a tide-independent flatwater lagoon in close proximity to Lagoinha. It attracts beginners and freestylers alike. With high jumps you shouldn’t mess up the landing, as the lagoon is not very deep. Only in a few places does the water reach up to your waist. The average water depth is just knee high.

Donkeys in the Donkey Kite Lagoon
The namesake animals in the Lagoa dos Jegues which is known among kitesurfers only as Donkey Kite Lagoon

The small lagoon is located just 1.9 miles downwind from Lagoinha and easily accessible by vehicle across the beach at low tide. At high tide you have to take an alternative route in the hinterland to or from the Donkey Kite Lagoon. A four-wheel drive vehicle, buggy or quad is recommended for this purpose.
A downwinder to the lagoon is easy and safe. The sea is quite calm and there are no rocks or reefs along the entire route.

Beginners training in the Donkey Kite Lagoon
The Donkey Kite Lagoon is waist deep throughout and therefore an ideal spot for kitesurfing beginners

The lagoon is not very large. Since beginners and fans of flat water meet there, it happens more often that the lagoon is crowded at peak times during the main season. A cozy barraca on site provides shade, food and drinks during the well-deserved break.

Donkey Kite Lagoon with ocean in the background
View from the inland to the Donkey Kite Lagoon and the sea behind it

Praia de Lagoinha

The sea in Lagoinha offers only a small to medium wave, depending on the tide. In return, you are largely spared from choppy water. At low tide the beach can get up to 100 yards wide. Downwind, the seabed consists of fine, rock-free sand.
A little upwind of the red dune is the small stretch of beach Praia do porto velho. At high tide this spot is only recommended for experienced kitesurfers. Because then the beach is only a few yards wide and with the prevailing main wind direction this beach is also a bit in the slipstream. Under these circumstances, launching and landing a kite can be a bit tricky.

Kitesurfing in Lagoinha
The official kite spot in Lagoinha only offers a small wave

Praia de Capim Açú

A good 4.3 miles upwind from Lagoinha is a stretch of beach called Praia de Capim Açú. On this beach you will find the best wave in the vicinity. The only problem is, however, there is no official road leading here directly from Lagoinha. The landlord of your accommodation is sure to be willing to chauffeur you there for a small fee. Mostly this rather short but nice downwind tour starts at the beach Praia Barra do Rio Curu, which is located west of Paracuru. The trip on the asphalt road takes less than 30 minutes in one direction. At high tide, you can let off steam right after the start in the mouth of the Rio Curu, before heading to the actual highlight of the tour, the wave spot.


The tides have only a moderate effect on the spots in the area. The freshwater lagoon is fed by a river and is completely independent of the tides. At low tide, the beach is many times wider and the waves are small to almost non-existent.
At high tide, you have to be careful if you can still shuttle between Lagoinha and the Donkey Kite Lagoon on the beach.

Dangers zones

Downwind from Lagoinha you will not find any obstacles either in the water or on land.
Upwind you have to watch out for rocks in the water in a few places, which are, however, easily recognizable. Thus, around the red dune there are some larger stones. About 1.5 mi upwind from there, a rock rises prominently out of the water. In addition, there are quite a few larger rocks scattered along the beach.

Kitesurf Downwinder

Experienced kitesurfers should definitely do a downwinder at high tide from neighboring Paracuru to the lagoon. You won’t forget the waves on this stage anytime soon.

Easier to master and also suitable for intermediates is the 10 miles route from Lagoinha to Guajiru. There are almost no obstacles in the water on this section and the beach is consistently spacious and flat. Even at high tide, the waves hardly get higher than 3 feet.

Spot overview

Lagoinha location description

Its days as a sleepy fishing village have long been numbered. The place has been living from tourism for a long time. The picturesque bay with the red sand dune invites national as well as international guests to stay all year round. Nevertheless, Lagoinha has remained quite natural apart from the huge Hard Rock Hotel project. The place is easily manageable and charming. Only a few poor and dilapidated houses mar the idyll.

Aerial view of Lagoinha
Aerial view of the bay in Lagoinha and the village located about 50 meters higher

There are a few shops for essentials as well as groceries. However, you will definitely not fall into a shopping frenzy. A pharmacy is located in the village near the village square. Other pharmacies can be found in the town of Paraipaba, 7.5 miles to the south.


The distance from the international airport Pinto Martins in Fortaleza is only 68 miles. With little traffic in the capital of the state of Ceara, this distance can be covered in 90 minutes by rental car via the main road CE-085. After about 57 mi, at the end of the village of Embrapa, follow the signs to Lagoinha / Paraipaba and take the first exit to the right at the roundabout. The road is paved throughout.

Accommodation and restaurants

There are around a dozen accommodations and as many restaurants to choose from in Lagoinha. In addition to a handful of hotels, there are also a few more pousadas. If you are looking for a luxury resort, you will not find it here. An insider tip among kitesurfers is the very well-kept Dolce Vita Guest House.

Courtyard Dolce Vita Guesthouse
The courtyard of the Dolce Vita Guesthouse, generously renovated in 2020
Infinity pool at Dolce Vita Guesthouse
The small but nice infinity pool at Pousada Dolce Vita in Lagoinha

When it comes to food, there are numerous typical Brazilian restaurants to choose from, which are generally good and inexpensive. Those who can’t do without their beloved pizza on vacation will also get their money’s worth here. There are several pizzerias, all of which can be reached on foot in a few minutes from the village square. There is also a burger restaurant to satisfy your meat cravings.

Lagoinha is definitely not a party place. On weekends, as in so many other places on the beach, there is much more going on, but after 22:00 is the end of the road. It is quite possible that this will change at least partially with the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza.

Additional Activities

Apart from lying lazily on the beach, you can rent a typical Brazilian beach buggy or a quad bike to explore the surroundings. The lake Lagoa das Almécegas, which is located in the hinterland and flows into the Donkey Kite Lagoon, is an ideal excursion destination.

Kite spot Lagoinha
Without a vehicle, you are severely limited in Lagoinha. Most accommodations offer a buggy transfer to the nearby kite spots in the area. The Donkey Kite Lagoon is equally suitable for beginners and flat water enthusiasts. But also wave kitesurfers will be happy 4.3 mi upwind from Lagoinha.
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