Great wave and flat water spot with excellent accommodations and restaurants

Kitesurfing in Taiba

Kite spot Taiba is a great universal spot and offers the finest flat water and excellent wavesprovided you are mobile or use a transfer. Thanks to the two shallow flat water spots in the immediate vicinity, the spot is also suitable for beginners.
In the two wave spots Taibinha and Morro do Chapéu, advanced kite surfers can let off steam in waves up to 8.2 feet high at high tide.

Taiba Beach
Taiba beach at high tide towards Cumbuco

Taiba is a lot quieter and more relaxed than in Cumbuco, which is located upwind. Although Taiba is also only a good hour’s drive from Fortaleza. Nevertheless, you have to expect more kite surfers on the water here in the high season and especially on weekends.

Spot and wind conditions

The two waist-deep flat water spots are equally suitable for beginners and freestylers. If the lagoon is overcrowded, you can simply go to the Secret Spot, which is 1.55 miles further north. Between the wave spot Taibinha and the Taiba lagoon, 1.6 – 5 feet high waves run onto the beach. It can get a little choppy at times depending on the tide.

Kitesurf session at sunset in the lagoon near Taiba
Best conditions for a sundown kitesurf session in Lagoa Taiba

Here the wind comes side-onshore to even slightly onshore from the right. The best wind months in Taiba are August to November. In December the wind is already decreasing. Larger swells can be expected in the wave season, which begins at the end of October and lasts until May.

Lagoa Taiba

Kitesurfing in Lagoa Taiba
The freshwater lagoon in Taiba should offer enough space for kiting

About 550 yards north of the last accommodations on the beach is the Lagoa Taiba. Its size can be compared to the Cauipe Lagoon in Cumbuco, although it is slightly smaller. On the other hand, the lagoon is usually not overcrowded, although beginners’ courses are very often held there. If there is too much going on in the front area, you can simply kitesurf just behind the headland. There you can usually find enough space for kitesurfing. The lagoon is almost completely waist deep and consists mainly of sandy subsoil. Inland, the shore area can be muddy in places. For a few years now, the body of water is dredged to ensure the lagoon doesn’t spill into the sea. Since that time, the freshwater lagoon is no longer tidal.

Kitesurfing in Lagoa Taiba
Flat water kite spot Taiba Lagoon

Secret Spot

The not-too-secret “Secret Spot” is about 1.5 mi north of the lagoon in the sea. This is an approx. 0.6 miles long bay, which is protected by an offshore reef. At low tide you will find first-class flat water, most of which is hip-deep. In addition, there is a nice little wave at the north end, which is very suitable for practicing jumping.

Even 3 miles further downwind there is another kite spot called Catavento. This place is very similar to the “Secret Spot”. Quite a large area of flat water in the sea. The entry there is very easy as there are no waves breaking near the beach. Also works best with low tide. From there it is less than 1.9 miles to the Paracuru kite spot.


At the western end of Taiba, after the stone cliffs, is the so-called Taibinha wave spot. Waves up to 8.2 ft high arrive on the beach in perfect harmony. The conditions are really excellent here. So it’s no wonder that you can meet not only kitesurfers but also surfers.

Local surfers in Taibinha wave spot
At the wave spot Taibinha you usually meet local surfers during high tide

Morro do Chapéu

In contrast, at the eastern end of the village is the Morro do Chapéu wave spot. You can also recognize the spot by the fact that local surfers ride the waves. Here the waves are said to be even higher than in Taibinha. When the water level is low, stones appear on the beach in some places. Both wave spots are only suitable for experienced wave kiters.


Since efforts have been made to preserve a strip of sand between the sea and the lagoon, the lagoon at Taiba is independent of the tide. Alternatively, fans of flat water can visit the Secret Spot in the sea. Here you have excellent flat water at low tide. However, not consistently waist-deep like in the lagoon.
The two wave spots become more interesting as the water level rises and come up with the highest waves at high tide.

Dangers zones

If you kite from the eastern wave spot Morro do Chapéu past the village to the western wave spot Taibinha, you have to watch out for rocks in the beach area over a length of approx. 1.2 mi. Only experienced kitesurfers from mid-tide or higher should be kitesurfing in this area.

Starting from the wave spot Taibinha, the beach of the so-called Praia da Taiba consists exclusively of sand, without any obstacles.

In the Taiba lagoon there are a few boulders in the water on the leeward side in the northwest. Be careful there, because they are not so easy to recognize. The few shallow spots in the lagoon are obvious.

Narrow point in the lagoon at Taiba
At this narrow point in the lagoon the left headland ends with some rocks to watch out for

Kitesurf Downwinder

A real highlight at high tide is the roughly 14 kilometer (8.7 mi) long kitesurf downwinder to Paracuru. North of the lagoon there are several places with a good shorebreak and in between two places with shallow water. But watch out for reef plates shortly before arriving in Quebra Mar near Paracuru. This is especially true when the water level is low.

If you still haven’t had enough, you can continue kiteboarding further 14.3 miles to Lagoinha. However, the support vehicle has to drive in several places inland, as it is not possible to get further on the beach. From Lagoinha the drive back to Taiba via the CE-085 takes a good hour.

Spot overview

Taiba location description

The small town is quite pretty, especially along the main street. Numerous exquisite properties are protected from prying eyes by high walls. Only the one or other house ruin clouds the overall picture. The cliffs with the coconut trees are undeniably a feast for the eyes. At the higher vantage point, the so-called Mirante Taiba, you can get a good overview.

Sunset in Taiba
Beautiful sunset atmosphere at Mirante Taiba viewpoint

The selection of restaurants and eateries is exceptional. Self-caterers, or those who want to buy cheap groceries, will find everything they need in the handful of Mercados. There are also two pharmacies and a cash dispenser.

View from the viewpoint to the northern beach of Taiba
View from the lookout on Taiba beach towards the lagoon


The drive from Pinto Martins International Airport in Fortaleza takes around 75 to 90 minutes. The distance is only 45 miles.
It takes less than an hour to get to Taiba from Paracuru. No matter whether you choose the slightly longer route via the CE-085 or the shorter but slower route through the town of Siupe.

Accommodation and restaurants

As a kite surfer, it is advisable to choose a place to stay along the beach. Even in the immediate distance to the lagoon you can find a few accommodations. Numerous other pousadas are available in the direction of the village. You have an even bigger choice directly in the village. You can really find everything here. From simple rooms to pousadas, hotels and villas. Even a luxury resort was built not that long ago.

If you are looking for accommodation near the lagoon and appreciate a very good price-performance ratio, you can’t miss Pousada Blauset in Taiba. The hotel has a huge pool, storage for kite equipment, spacious rooms with good ventilation or air conditioning. Open daily until 19:00 is the in-house kitchen, which offers not only acai, but a surprisingly wide selection of tasty dishes.

Pousada Blauset in Taiba
Close to the lagoon and just a stone’s throw from the sea is Pousada Blueset
Pool Hotel Blauset
Ideal for cooling off and chilling out: The large pool of the Pousada Blauset
Breakfast place in the shade
The cozy breakfast and bar area in the shade
Peculiar beach house
Unusual beach house of two Chilean brothers in Taiba

Directly next to the Lagoa Taiba, you can now enjoy good food and drink in the cosy Barraca. There are certainly more than two dozen dining options in the village. Typical Brazilian food and daily fresh fish and seafood can be enjoyed here. But international cuisine is also represented. There are not only several pizzerias that offer delicious pizza and pasta dishes, but also two French restaurants. Those who like burgers will also find what they are looking for here.

Beautiful houses right on the beach in Taiba
Luxurious property with pool right on the beach in the center of Taiba

Additional Activities

Taiba is not only a hotspot for kite surfers, but also for surfers. Surfing courses are offered and rental equipment is made available. You can sandboard down the nearby 10 meter high dunes. Or borrow a buggy and use it to drive around on the beach. Furthermore, there is the possibility to catch fish during a boat tour with a traditional Brazilian fishing boat or to ride horses on the beach.

Kite spot Taiba
Taiba is a very good kite spot with an excellent mix of flat water and waves. Transfer or even better your own vehicle is urgently needed. The infrastructure leaves almost nothing to be desired. Excellent choice of accommodation and dining options.
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Very nice flat water
Good wave spots
Wide range of accommodation and restaurants
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High season and weekend quite busy

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