Kitesurf in the famous and lively Jericoacoara

Kitesurfing in Jericoacoara

The official kite spot of Jericoacoara is about one kilometer south-west outside the village. Shortly after the large dune called Duna do Por do Sol. This has the following reasons:
The picturesque bay lies in the slipstream of a chain of hills behind. In addition, kitesurfing is prohibited here to protect bathers. The north-western tip of the bay is reserved for windsurfers. Nevertheless some locals kite here from time to time in the evening.

Kitesurfing in Jericoacoara
With downwind kitesurfing from Jericoacoara to Guriu you have enough free space on the water

Almost every accommodation in Jeri offers a buggy transfer to the kite spot. In the immediate vicinity of the dune, however, the wind is usually gusty. The further you go downwind to the west, the better the wind conditions. The small wind waves here are quite harmless. The shore break is also minimal. Due to the course of the coast the wind blows slightly side-shore here. That changes 6.2 miles west of Jeri near Guriu. From there at the latest, the wind arrives optimally side-onshore.

Spot and wind conditions

Might not necessarily be appropriate for absolute beginners. Jeri is a spot with small waves. The wind comes, if it hasn’t blown through the whole night, at around 10 o’clock in the morning. Then it usually happens very quickly. From 0 to 100, so to speak. The main wind direction is slightly side-onshore.
The area is ideal for wave novices. But also for advanced kitesurfers who want to make their first experiences on a kitesurf-downwinder in Brazil. Pay attention to the wind direction in any case and do not kite in offshore wind!


In Jeri kitesurfing takes place in the open sea regardless of the tide. At low tide there are almost no waves in some places. Even at high tide, the waves don’t get higher than 3.3 feet. Downwind from Jericoacoara the waves are very tame.

Dangers zones

Absolutely no dangers far and wide. Nothing but the finest sand as far as the eye can see. The route from Jericoacoara to Guriuis free of any obstacles. North of Jeri, where the locals are kitesurfing, big rocks are in the water and on the beach.

Kitesurf Downwinder

If the wind conditions are right, even as a skilled beginner you can dare a comfortable kitesurf-downwinder without big waves from Jeri to Guriu. The distance is 6.2 miles by water. There is a huge and shallow flat water area waiting for you at high tide. Shortly before this shallow water spot, the support vehicle has to cross over with the ferry.

Car ferry near Jericoacoara
The river ferry business in Guriu is quite profitable

Another 6.2 miles downwind you get to Tatajuba. Here, too, you need high tide to be able to kitesurf in the river mouth. In order to get directly to Tatajuba by vehicle, you have to go around the river. However, when the water level is high, this is only possible a few kilometers inland. The problem here is not the water, but the mud. We therefore recommend hiring a guide in Jeri for those unfamiliar with the area.

If you still haven’t had enough, you can cover another 18 km to Camocim with the kite. The entire route from Jeri to Camocim can be driven on the beach even without 4×4. At high tide, however, you should be experienced and know the route well.

Kitesurf Downwinders from / to Jericoacoara

Spot overview

Jericoacoara location description

Jericoacoara or, for the sake of simplicity, often just called Jeri, was once a small and difficult to access fishing village. Even though most local restaurants offer fish on the menu, Jeri has nothing in common with a fishing village for a long time. In the late 1970s, hippies discovered the picturesque place for themselves and settled there. Meanwhile about 1,500 inhabitants live there all year round. In the high season, the former fishing village has around 25,000 Brazilian and international guests.

Jericoacoara beach party
Just in time for sunset, the Barracas das Caipirinhas come to life on the beach

Today Jeri is a mixture of a hippie and a party place. No question about it, the place polarizes. One likes Jeri, while the other doesn’t. Undisputedly beautiful landscape in the middle of the National Park Parque Nacional de Jericoacoara. Anyone who wants to party will definitely be happy here. But even those who find such a hustle and bustle too much should still have spent at least one night there.

In 1994, none other than the Washington Post voted Jericoacoara Beach one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. The beaches in this area were also used as a backdrop in the film “A Ostra e o Vento” (The Oyster and the Wind) by the Brazilian film director Walter Lima Junior.

Jericoacoara Beach
The beaches around Jericoacoara are absolutely worth seeing

Just in time for sunset, there is suddenly movement in the bathers who are otherwise lying on the beach. Everyday collective ascent on the dune “Duna do por do sol” takes place. Their goal is to watch the spectacular sunset over the sea from up there.

Duna do por do
Mass hike on the Duna do por do sol in Jericoacoara
Well-known tree
The tree knows exactly where the wind is blowing from

If you get up very early and are not afraid of a 1.25 miles long walk, you can enjoy the wonderful light conditions shortly after sunrise at the famous Pedra Furada.

Pedra Furada
Sunrise at the Pedra Furada 1.25 miles northeast of Jericoacoara

Since 2018, a tourist fee has to be paid for overnight stays in Jeri. The fee is BRL 5.00 (Brazilian Real) per person and night. In order to avoid having to fill out any paperwork on arrival, we recommend that you print anf fill out the form in advance.
You can find the link to the website of the Secretaria de Turismo here.


From Fortaleza you can reach the neighboring town of Jijoca de Jericoacoara in just under 4 hours. The 175 miles long route leads over a well-developed paved road. However, this ends in Jijoca and the road initially leads 10 km over cobblestones through the village. Then you drive another 6.2 miles on sand across the national park.

Contrary to popular belief, this route can also be done without a 4×4 vehicle. To do this, however, it is essential to deflate the tire to 1 bar (14 psi). If you are not sure which of the numerous paths in the sand is the right one, simply wait for the next car and just drive behind.

Sandy road to Jericoacoara
From here at the latest you should reduce the tire pressure to 1 bar or 14 psi

If you still get stuck, don’t worry. There is a lot of traffic on this route. The next helpful Brazilian is only a dune away, if at all 🙂

On the outskirts of Jeri there is a large guarded parking lot. The car must be parked there overnight at the latest for a fee. A trip to the accommodation to unload the luggage is of course possible.

Accommodation and restaurants

The former fishing village has turned into a tourist stronghold over time. There is no lack of accommodation or restaurants. Both can be found here in abundance.
Tip: For a quieter overnight stay, it is recommend to book an accommodation on the outskirts and not in the center.

Luxury accommodation in Jericoacoara
Accommodation in all price ranges can be found in Jericoacoara

An estimated 300 pousadas and 130 restaurants are located here. This ensures that Jericoacoara has the right accommodation for every taste and budget.

Restaurant in Jericoacoara
There is also a very large selection of restaurants in Jericoacoara

Additional Activities

Jericoacoara not only attracts kitesurfers, but also a number of tourists. Accordingly many other activities are offered here. This includes tours with 4×4, Buggy, ATV, E-Fat-Bike or fishing boat. In addition to kiteboarding, the range of sports on offer extends to windsurfing, surfing, SUP, kayaking, yoga and capoeira. You won’t get bored here.

Kite spot Jericoacoara
The party place in Ceará has the largest selection of accommodations & restaurants far and wide. The landscape is undeniably beautiful. A vehicle is required for kitesurfing. The nearest flat water spot is 6.2 miles away on the beach.
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