Iron Divas 2021

5 - 10 Aug. | 6 days | 93 mi



Day 1: 5 August

Jericoacoara → Camocim | 31 mi

The start of the Iron Divas Kite Event 2021 takes place in the unique Jericoacoara. A downwinder from Jericoacoara to Camocim is ideal for the first stage. The distance on the first day is an impressive 31-miles. Of course, you will be accompanied on every route by our professional kite guides in the water as well as by 4×4 vehicles on the beach. First, we drive out of Jeri together with the pickups towards the south-west. A little west of the big sunset dune, the so-called Duna do Por do Sol, we set up our kites. The first stop is at the flat water spot Guriú. The further route to Tatajuba is also quite easy and free of any reefs. At high tide we can kite in the river in Tatajuba all the way to the kite beach, where we land our kites and have a lunch break. After the break, we continue westward. Just before Camocim we cross the Rio Coreaú. Near the lighthouse Farol do Trapiá, north of Camocim, we have to be careful. Here are a few reefs in the water. But the guides know the route well and lead us safely around the cape. Soon we reach our accommodation for tonight. The Aurora Charme & Relax is located directly on the beach.

Day 2: 6 August

Camocim → Barra Grande | 37 mi

Today an even longer tour is on the program. The distance between the start in Camocim and our todays destination in Barra Grande is a whopping 37-miles. Of course, every participant is free to continue with one of the support vehicles at any time. Nobody has to cover the entire distance with the kite on the water. Less than 6 miles after our start we reach the vast and beautiful bay of Maceio. It is another 10 miles to the large estuary of the Rio dos Remédios. At its widest point, it measures an impressive 1,25 miles. The next inhabited beach section is Praia das Curimãs, which is about 5 miles away. Another 6.5-miles to the west is the fishing village of Bitupitá and 3-miles to the southwest is a huge estuary. When crossing the second arm of the river we pass the border between Ceará and Piauí. On the other side is the village of Cajueiro da Praia. From here the distance to Barra Grande is only 6 miles, halfway through which we pass the beautiful beach Praia de Barrinha. Todays tour ends on the beach of Barra Grande in front of the luxurious Pousada BGK.

Day 3: 7 August

Barra Grande | Day off

After 68 miles in just two days, we deserved a day’s break. Of course, all participants can and very likely will kitesurf that day on the beach of Barra Grande or in neighboring Macapá. After all, there are a few great flat water spots in the immediate vicinity.

Day 4: 8 August

Barra Grande → Praia Itaqui | 12.5 mi

Today’s 12.5 miles from Barra Grande to Praia Itaqui beach will be quite relaxed. Since today’s route is not that long, we will have plenty of fun in the nearby flat water spots between Barra Grande and Macapá. The route is reef-free except for a section from the end of Praia de Maramar to shortly before Praia do Arrombado. But our guides also know these reefs and guided us safely past them. After another 5 kilometers, located at the beginning of the next bay, is our accommodation for tonight, the Vila Itaqui.

Day 5: 9 August

Praia Itaqui → Delta das Américas | 9.5 mi

Today in the morning there will be a professional photo session in front of the Vila Itaqui. Of course, all participants can download the high-resolution images after the event at no additional cost. Around noon we continue our journey with the wind. Our destination for today is the port of Luis Correia, which is located in the Delta do Parnaíba and is part of the Delta das Américas. From Praia Itaqui beach, the distance in the sea is only 9.5 miles. The route runs almost entirely along the suburbs and finally along the beach of the city of Luís Correia, which has 30,000 inhabitants.

Day 6: 10 August

Delta das Américas

For the final day, something special has been planned. A boat will takes us to the mouth of the Rio Parnaíba. There we kite between sandbanks and the river mouth around the island of Baía das Canárias. Food and drinks will of course be provided today as well. The boat will be at our disposal for the whole day and will bring us back to the accommodation later.

  • Advanced kite surfer with a good basic fitness
  • Kitesurfing in the open sea with moderate waves
  • Relaunch the kite from the water
  • Master the body drag also upwind
  • Familiar on how to Self rescue
  • Able to ride Switch or Toedside very well
Body weightKite size
130 lbs6 – 8 – 10 m2
180 lbs8 – 10 – 12 m2
220 lbs10 – 12 – 14 m2
Recommended kite sizes in Brazil depending on the weight of the kiter
  • Accommodation will be reserved for you by the kitesurfing-organizer
  • Delicious and exotic breakfast
  • Kitesurfing accompanied by professional guides
  • Support vehicle on the beach
  • Water, juice, fruits and snacks during breaks at the beach
  • Long sleeve lycra of the event
  • Accommodations 200,00 €
  • Flight and airport transfer
  • Lunch and dinner


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5 - 10 Aug. | 6 days | 93 mi
5 - 10 Aug. | 6 days | 93 mi
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