Atins + Lencois Maranhenses → Sao Luis (IM)


28 - 30 Sept. | 3 days | 150 mi

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Day 1: 28 Sept.

Atins → Lençóis Maranhenses | 25 mi

An optional visit to Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is on the agenda today. After the café da manhã we meet on the beach of Atins. From there we kite 2-miles out to the open sea and go downwind from there. After a few-miles by the sea, the pick-up is waiting for us on the beach. The vehicle takes us a bit inland to one of the numerous lagoons. Once there, we kite in the crystal-clear fresh water for a few hours. After this unique experience, we will return by vehicle to Atins where we will spend the night at the Pousada Paraíso dos Ventos.

Day 2: 29 Sept.

Atins → Ilha de Santana | 68 mi

We have a mammoth task ahead of us today. We start off at Atins and journey to Ilha de Santana. A whopping 68 beautiful and lonely miles have to be mastered. We cross the Rio Preguiças and kite on the beach with the wind in our backs. The beach north of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park seems never ending. After 19-miles, we reach the mouth of the small river Rio Negros. It’s name comes from the almost black color of the water. Its not the prettiest, but it is purely natural and is created by the decomposition of plants. To the end of this beach it is another 31-miles and followed by an estuary about half-a-mile wide.

Here, we say goodbye to our support vehicle which has had an adventurous journey from Santo Amaro do Maranhão. From now on, a land vehicle can no longer keep up. In its place, a large catamaran takes on the role of our travel companion. On the other side of the river, the beach is initially quite narrow and behind it there is impenetrable vegetation. We kite along the peninsula until an estuary of gigantic proportions opens up in front of us. It’s 10-miles to the other side. Thanks to the two islands in the middle, we don’t feel quite so lost. Arrived safely on the other side, we set course to the north. It is only 6 more-miles to the Ilha de Santana. Since there are neither pousadas nor hotels to stay overnight, we sleep in the fishermen’s huts. An unforgettable day comes to a memorable end.

Day 3: 30 Sept.

Ilha de Santana → São Luís | 56 mi

After a night in a picturesque accommodation, we’ll start the last section of our long kitesurf downwinder through Brazil. From Ilha de Santana to São Luís, its 56-miles. We’ll start at the northeast end of the island and kite around the Ilha de Santana until we finally head south along the beach. Shortly after the start, our course leads us provisionally to the south-west, until we finally head south along the beach. The nearest island is 2.5-miles away from the southernmost tip. From this island it is another 1.25 mi to the next and the distance to the last island is 1 mile. From here it goes straight to the west for 12.5-miles across the bay Baía de São José.

The catamaran is with us on the open sea until we reach the Ilha de São Luís peninsula on Praia das Gaivotas beach. After another 5 miles we reach Praia da Raposa and shortly afterwards Praia do Pucal. From here it’s less than 13 miles to our last destination. Reality will kick in as soon as we see the first skyscrapers in the distance. The number of other kite surfers is now increasing with every mile. They would be undoubtedly envious and jealous if they knew where we’re coming from! The last 6-miles is along the beach of São Luís until we retire our kites in the Calhau district for the last time on this tour. The rooms at the Calhau Praia Hotel are booked, the fabulous dinner and drinks are waiting, and we can all reminisce staring into the magical sunset on the beach.

  • Advanced kite surfer with a good basic fitness
  • Kitesurfing in the open sea with moderate waves
  • Relaunch the kite from the water
  • Master the body drag also upwind
  • Familiar on how to Self rescue
  • Able to ride Switch or Toedside very well
Body weightKite size
130 lbs6 – 8 – 10 m2
180 lbs8 – 10 – 12 m2
220 lbs10 – 12 – 14 m2
Recommended kite sizes in Brazil depending on the weight of the kiter
  • Overnight stay in comfortable and clean accommodations
  • Delicious and exotic breakfast
  • Kitesurfing accompanied by professional guides
  • Support vehicle on the beach or motorboat
  • If necessary, rescue with jet ski
  • Water, juice, fruits and snacks during breaks at the beach
  • Long sleeve lycra of the event
  • Flight
  • Airport transfer
  • Lunch and dinner


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